2019-2020 Tournament Schedule

Tournaments are 100% optional !

The coaches will evaluate the wrestler to determine their skill level and mental readiness.  Once ready we will talk it over with the parents.  We want them to be successful and enjoy the experience.  We DONT want them to fail and get frustrated or discouraged.  Tournaments can be a blast, and at the same time very tough ! Depending on the competition, it could be a great day, or a rough one !!  See Expectations below.


The coaches will choose several events (2-3/month) that we will attend as a team.  You are welcome to go to any or all tournaments once your wrestler is ready !!

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What to Expect @ a Tournament

  • Plan on being there for the majority of the day, try and stay to support the other kids

  • Weigh-ins start @ 7am for most(we try and weigh in on Thursday as a team)

  • Wrestling starts as early as 8-9am, with the younger kids

  • The meets run 3 - 1 minute rounds, with sudden death if in a tie

  • You should be prepared to wrestle @ least 2-3 matches, depending on the brackets

  • If the division is short kids, you could get bumped up or down, not like a 2nd grader will wrestle a 6th grader.   Usually is a bump up/down 1 grade or year or weight class

  • Bring food and water, there are limited concessions at most meets

  • Parents/families have to pay admission, usually $5, the wrestler only pays their entrance fee

  • Some tournaments require a USA Card.  $50 for the full season, plus the local fee $15-$20

  • Bring a change of clothes, jackets in the winter, etc...Shoes required, singlets can be requested from the club.  We suggest compression shirts and shorts, socks etc... Mouth piece is optional.  Headgear is not required at most tournaments, but STRONGLY suggested.  Headgear is required @ state events, and some TOC events.

  • Get a good nights sleep !its a long and fun day.  Did we say long? Depending on the venue, some go quicker then others.

  • Wear your Colts gear to represent te club !

  • Have Fun, dont get hurt and no crying on the mats !


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