Colts Wrestling Club

Practices for all Colt wrestlers are 6 - 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday at the Rodriguez High School Wrestling Room.  Practices begin in early September and ending in March with the CA USA Folkstyle Championships.  


For those interested, we also offer Freestyle & Greco wrestling after the Folkstyle season.  Freestyle & Greco season goes through June, culminating at the CA USA Freestyle Championships.


New wrestlers be sure to bring insurance # and fill out proper forms for the wrestler.

Suggestions for Parents

Green Valley Middle School

Wrestling Club

Green Valley Wrestling Club practices will be 4 - 5:30 p.m. Mon-Fri. at Green Valley Middle School.

Practices begin in early December, ending in March with the NorCal Tournament of Champions.


For those interested, we also offer Freestyle & Greco wrestling after the Folkstyle season with the Colts WC.


(All parents be sure to be at the middle school at 5:30 to pick up your kids)

Take all injury comments from your athletes serious
Do not FORCE your athlete to wrestle (it will avoid "burn out" later). 
Attend practices with your athletes (but remember; no talking while a coach is instructing and to keep conversations and phone calls to a whisper during practice) 
Keep a extra set of practice attire in your vehicles. 

Disciplinary stages:

A wrestler will be asked to sit on the side of the mat as the 1st behavior problem. 
If the wrestler continues to have a behavior problem, the parents will be contacted by e-mail.     
If a wrestler has a continuous behavior problem, "As a last resort" the wrestler will be told to no longer attend The Colts Wrestling Club.

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